National Reports

The National Waste Report 2018

The National Waste Report 2018 describes Australia’s national performance on waste and recycling for the 2016-17 financial year. The Report presents data and commentary on waste generation, recovery and fate for all waste streams and various material categories. It also analyses this information by jurisdiction and on a per capita basis.


Headline economic value for waste and materials efficiency in Australia

The Department of the Environment and Energy has commissioned the Centre for International Economics (CIE) and its partners (Blue Environment and Envisage Works) to develop and test a method to produce headline economic values related to waste, recycling and the efficient use of materials in the Australian economy at national and state/territory scales.

Waste Export Data

Australia is best placed if it processes it’s waste at home. The Department has commissioned analysis of international trade data related to Australia’s exports of waste. Produced by Blue Environment using data supplied by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the analysis covers the amount of waste exported from Australia by waste type, place of export and country of destination, in value ($) and volume (tonnage) terms. The annual summary compiles and analyses the data for 2017-18. The monthly summaries update the analysis with the most recent data available

State and Territory Waste Policies


Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy

Reducing waste generation and keeping materials circulating within the economy are priorities for NSW. To meet this challenge, the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) prepares a new Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery (WARR) Strategy every five years.

South Australia

South Australia’s Waste Strategy 2015-2020

The approach to waste management advocated in South Australia’s Waste Strategy 2015-2020 (the Strategy) is an opportunity not only to avoid the detrimental impacts associated with waste, but also to recover resources, realise environmental, economic and social benefits and continue along the road to a sustainable future.

Western Australia

Waste Strategy 2030

Western Australia’s Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030, was released by the Government of Western Australia in February 2019. Building on and updating the first Western Australian Waste Strategy: Creating the Right Environment published in 2012,

this strategy introduces significant transformations aimed at Western Australia (WA) becoming a circular economy, with a greater focus on avoidance as well as moving to targets for material recovery and environmental protection in addition to landfill diversion.

Australian Capital Territory

ACT Waste Management Strategy

Developed in consultation with the community, the ACT Waste Management Strategy 2011–2025 sets a clear direction for the management of waste in the ACT towards 2025. The ACT was the first government in the world to set a goal of achieving no waste going to landfill. Launched in 1996, the Waste Management Strategy for Canberra was developed to set the vision and future directions for waste management in the Australian Capital Territory.


Waste Management Review

Waste Management Review is the industry's dedicated resource for the latest developments and in-depth features on waste, recycling and resource recovery.

Inside Waste

Launched in 2004, Inside Waste is the official publication of the Waste Management Association of Australia. It is the industry’s essential resource for keeping up with all the news, moves, projects, trends and developments in the Australian waste sector.

The inside waste industry report provides key industry data.