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NWRIC CEO Week in Review

For the latest news from the NWRIC CEO

18 September 2020

  • NWRIC welcomes Veolia’s new CEO and Managing Director
  • Assistant Minister Trevor Evans meets with NWRIC State affiliates
  • Submission to Senate Committee on Recycling and Waste Reduction Bills 2020

11 September 2020

  • NWRIC welcomes Battery Stewardship Scheme but importers must sign up
  • NWRIC welcomes SA ban of single use plastics
  • Tyre stockpile highlights need for state government and tyre industry action

4 September 2020

  • NWRIC thanks Danny Conlon
  • Commonwealth Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill 2020 update
  • WRIQ releases election manifesto ahead of Queensland State election

24 August 2020

  • Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill
  • Women In industry Awards
  • CRC-P grants for recycling and waste innovation

17 August 2020

  • Simms Metals Management aims to divert 1 million tonnes of shredder residue from landfill
  • How to clean up household recycling bin content, mandate single packaging and product labelling system
  • How the coronavirus is slowing efforts to reduce plastic waste
  • Federal Senate hearing on packaging and plastic amendments to product stewardship Act