Members and Affiliates



The Waste Recycling Industry Association of Queensland (WRIQ)
The Waste, Recycling Industry Association of Queensland Inc, (WRIQ) is the premier industry association in Queensland, representing more than 90 Queensland-based organisations ranging from large multi-national organisations through to small family-operated enterprises.  WRIQ is lead by Chief Executive Officer Mark Smith.

The Waste and Recycling Industry Association of South Australia (WRISA)

The Waste Recycling Industry Association of South Australia (WRISA) was formed in Adelaide on February 16th, 2017 - with support from founding members Solo Resource Recovery, Peats Soil, Veolia, Mastec, Suez, Scout Recycling, ResourceCo and Bettatrans.  The focus of WRISA is to engage those with an investment in the industry and promote solutions challenges facing the sector.  WRISA is lead by Executive Officer Adam Gray.

The Waste and Recycling Industry Association of Western Australia (WRIWA)
The Waste Recycling Industry Association of Western Australia (WRIWA) was incorporated in April, 2017 in Perth. It was founded with the support of Cleanaway, Veolia, Suez, Toxfree and Sims Metal Management. WRIWA acts as the State’s leading advocacy body - promoting the sustainable development of waste management and recycling infrastructure and services statewide.  WRIWA is lead by Executive Officer Michael Bobrowicz.


The Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association of NSW (WCRA) is a registered industrial body of employers that addresses business issues relating to the waste and recycling industry on behalf of its constituent Members. It is Australia’s oldest industry association in waste management.  WCRA is registered with both the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW and Fair Work Commission and provides Members with advice and support in a broad range of employment and industrial relations matters.  WCRA is lead by their Executive Director, Mr Tony Khoury.


Waste Recycling Industry Association of Northern Territory (WRINT) is the Northern Territory’s lead waste and recycling industry association representing operators of the sector. WRINT members provide an essential community service for all Northern Territorian's in the responsible handling, safe removal, treatment and disposal of all wastes (liquid, solid, regulated and hazardous).  The association promotes thought leadership, advocating industry issues for achieving sound economic outcomes and innovative environmental practices.  WRINT is led by Executive Officer Rick Ralph.


The Victorian Waste Management Association (VWMA) is the key division of the Victorian Transport Association representing the waste and recycling sectors. We are a member based, not for profit association that aims to be the leading association for recycling and waste management in Victoria.  The VWMA works to promote best practice and the highest industry standards through providing Member services and advice on industrial relations,occupational health and safety issues and environmental regulations. The VWMA is lead by executive officer Alex Smith.