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Waste management is essential to community and environmental protection, while contributing significantly to the Australian economy. It also helps to maintain long term prosperity by returning materials to the economy.

The council

The Council is composed national waste management companies along with State based affiliates which represent the interests of the more than 500 small waste management businesses in Australia. The structure of the Council is designed to maximise industry representation and the capacity to build consensus.



The NWRIC works to develop Australia’s waste management industry. Key to this mission is a commitment to high standards in regard to policy development, industry representation and transparency.

The Council’s Charter outlines the rules and best practises which enable it to maintain standards.

The board

The Council is composed of a host organisation, an administrative
board and the Council - which is responsible for the creation of
industry driven policy. The host organisation is composed of
corporate members who fund the Council, supporting democratic
decision making and policy development within the industry.

Frank Lintvelt

Executive General Manager - Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions - Cleanaway

The team