The Commonwealth Sustainable Procurement Advocacy and Resource Centre ishappy to announce the full series of the ‘Recycled Content in Use’ videos are now live on the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) website!

The series of 19 short videos showcase Australian manufacturers doing their bit to reduce waste to landfill by creating a range of innovative recycled products made from Australian waste streams. The featured products have a wide range of applications from transport infrastructure like road and rail, to office fit outs, all the way to the home and garden.

The first eight videos were launched during National Recycling Week (November 2021), receiving great feedback from government and industry.

The videos are aimed at raising awareness about why recycling is important, how government and industry are developing solutions and how the community can get involved.  It’s exciting to see Australian businesses developing more sustainable practices.

List of videos





Plastic Forests

Recycled Soft Plastic Products

Range of Recycled Plastics

Agricultural, Road, Landscaping & More

The Green Pipe

Stormwater Pipe

Kerbside Recycled HDPE

Agriculture, Irrigation, Drainage & Civil Works


Eco Pact Sustainable Concrete

Fly Ash, Slag, Rock & Sand



eMesh Fibre Reinforcement for Concrete

Recycled Polypropylene



Polyrok Recycled Plastic Aggregate

Recycled Soft Plastics


Dunlop Flooring

Carpet Underlays

Recycled Polyurethane Foam

Office & Indoor Fit Outs


Recycled Office & Commercial Furniture

Timber, Foams & Fabrics

Office & Indoor Fit Outs


Workstation Screens & Acoustic Panels

Recycled PET

Office & Indoor Fit Outs


First Nation Recycled Copy Paper

Recycled Paper

Office Stationary


Boardwalks, Signs, Noise Walls & More

Kerbside Plastics & Waste Timber

Outdoor Infrastructure

Integrated Recycling

Duratrack Railway Sleeper

Recycled PE polymers & Polystyrene

Rail Infrastructure


Sustainable Building Products

Fly Ash, Slag & More

Residential, Road and Building Infrastructure


Geo Textiles  bidim® Green & Megaflo Green

Recycled PET / HDPE

Road and Building Infrastructure

PACT Reuse

Recycled Plastic Noise Walls

Recycled HDPE & Soft Plastics

Road Infrastructure

Close the Loop

Tonerplas Asphalt Additive

Toner Cartridges and Soft Plastics

Road Infrastructure

Alex Fraser Group

Recycled Aggregate Materials

RAP, Crushed Concrete, Bricks & Glass

Road Infrastructure

Fulton Hogan

Recycled Asphalt Products

RAP, Crumbed Rubber & Glass

Road Infrastructure


Reconophalt – Recycled Road Surfacing

RAP, Plastics, Glass & Tonerplas

Road Infrastructure

Repurpose It

Recycled Construction Materials

C&D waste, Contaminated Soil, FOGO

Road, Rail and Building Infrastructure