NWRIC welcomes Veolia’s new CEO and Managing Director

NWRIC CEO Rose Read has welcomed the appointment of Richard Kirkman as Veolia’s new CEO and Managing Director.

“Veolia is a very valuable member of NWRIC as we work to develop Australia’s waste management industry in a safe, fair and sustainable manner.

“I look forward to working with Richard and wish him every success in his new role,” Ms Read said.



Assistant Minister Trevor Evans meets with NWRIC State affiliates 

Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management, Trevor Evans, this week joined the monthly meeting of NWRIC’s state affiliates to discuss issues around harmonisation of state waste regulations off the back of the National Waste Policy Action Plan.

State priorities across a number of actions including the export waste ban, government procurement guidelines, national standards and specifications, levies and the portability principle, tracking the movement of liquid and hazardous wastes, nationally consistent data collection and reporting, legislative options to harmonise regulations such as mirror legislation, regulator culture and the future of Meeting of Environment Ministers were all topics for discussion.

“Ongoing engagement with the Assistant Minister is vital as each of the states look to their roles and responsibilities in implementing the National Waste Policy Action Plan.

“It was a very valuable discussion and I thank the Assistant Minister for his time and ongoing commitment to work with NWRIC’s State Affiliates in driving the harmonisation agenda” NWRIC CEO Rose Read said.


Submission to Senate Committee on Recycling and Waste Reduction Bills 2020.

NWRIC has made a submission to the Senate’s Environment and Communications Legislation Committee’s inquiry into the Recycling and Waste Reduction Bills 2020.

The NWRIC considers this Bill as a significant element of the reform process that will contribute to achieving a circular economy.  Most importantly this step by the Australian Government acknowledges that waste and recycling services are an essential service, a supplier of resources and a driver of economic and environmental resilience. A vital industry that contributes over 4.5 billion to the nation’s GDP.

The raft of measures and initiatives currently in play including this Bill are creating much needed momentum for positive systemic change. The Commonwealth’s Recycling Modernisation Fund, the National Waste Policy Action Plan, the National Product Stewardship Investment Fund and CRC-P funding for R&D, are collectively shaping a more coherent approach to how waste management and resource recovery should be planned and managed in Australia.

However, the NWRIC is concerned that the Objects of the Act, have been weakened by the inclusion of the terms ‘Using’ and ‘Users’. This diminishes the intent of the Bill to hold those organisations who create and put products on the market responsible for reducing the impact of the product throughout its whole life, including end of life. The NWRIC has requested that “using” and “users” be removed from the Bill.

The NWRIC, also considers that the proposed changes to the Bill to prevent free riding in voluntary arrangements by strengthening the role of the Minister does not go far enough and has proposed a number of amendments to make voluntary arrangements more attractive to businesses and prevent free riding.  NWRIC’s full submission to the inquiry can be found here: https://www.nwric.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/RAWR-Bill-Senate-Inquiry-Submission-14Sept2020.pdf