NWRIC thanks Danny Conlon

NWRIC has thanked Danny Conlon, outgoing CEO & Managing Director of Veolia Australia & New Zealand for his enormous contribution as an NWRIC board member.

“Danny’s contribution, particularly in setting up NWRIC, his knowledge, and generosity with his time has been invaluable. I wish him every success in his future career,” said NWRIC CEO Rose Read.

Danny posted the following message on LinkedIn

It seems such a long time since announcing my intention to move on from Veolia back in early July.

With the implementation of our IMPACT ANZ strategy, supported by our reorganisation into a more focused, disciplined and accountable team, there is no doubt Veolia is now well positioned to grow and lead in the provision of environmental solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our people are more engaged than ever, coming to work every day in a workplace as safe as it’s ever been.

Our reconciliation journey continues to gain momentum – focused on education, employment, community partnerships and commercial enterprise. Our partnership with Cowboys House and The North West Alliance joint venture are two of the true successes in progressing our reconciliation journey with Indigenous people.

With greater representation by women on our Executive Leadership Team than ever before, our focus on inclusiveness and opportunity for all is well progressed, but must and will undoubtedly remain a key priority.

The opportunity to lead such a diverse, talented, loyal and committed team of people across Australia and New Zealand has been one of the tremendous privileges of my professional life.

My fondest memories are the personal interactions and conversations I’ve enjoyed with so many of you. I still believe people come to work wanting one or a combination of three things – security, opportunity and prosperity. Veolia will always be a place for those people, I am evidence of that.

So as I enter the final week and prepare to ‘turn the page’ after 22 amazing years, I have one final message to share… Thank You!


Commonwealth Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill 2020 update

The federal parliament House of Representatives was due to debate the Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill 2020 on Thursday 3 September however the debate was adjourned until Parliament resumes on 6 October.

To follow progress of the Bill click here


WRIQ releases election manifesto ahead of Queensland state election

WRIQ, NWRIC’s Queensland state affiliate has released its Election Manifesto 2020 – The untapped potential of waste in Queensland.

Queenslanders will head to the polls on 31 October.

The manifesto outlines WRIQ’s vision for a thriving, safe, smart, and sustainable sector, future directions and pathways to make Queensland the waste management and resource recovery a hub of the future.

Mark Smith, WRIQ’s CEO in releasing the Election Manifesto 2020 said “the waste and resource recovery industry touches every part of the Queensland economy. We are an essential service that continues 24/7 even during the pandemic. Our role if anything has become more vital during the pandemic to support communities and business as the economy adapts and transitions.”

Our members invest hundreds of millions of dollars into the economy annually and we support close to 12,000 Queensland jobs. Members invest into the economy through wages, machinery, equipment and vehicles and infrastructure. But our members also invest in people with training and skills development.

The sector is poised for greatness and WRIQ’s ask to the major parties is, help us help you create the most progressive and thriving waste and recycling sector in the country.

With the right government interventions and support, we will make Queensland a centre of excellence and expertise which is essential as Queensland will be competing with interstate jurisdictions for capital to build and expand Australia’s waste and resource recovery capabilities on the back of COAG waste export bans.