Waste management is essential to community and environmental protection, while contributing significantly to the Australian economy. It also helps to maintain long term prosperity by returning materials to the economy.




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We know how much pressure our hospitals are under at the moment. Even with three services a day, the material can build up quickly. Our drivers are going above and beyond to keep up, clearing hospital waste rooms one hospital at a time. Thank you to everyone on the frontline.

Interesting to see the proposed European Plastic Tax on non recycled plastic is already driving enquiries for recycled plastics @sussanley @WMRRAus @ACOR11 @Trevorevansmp

VIDEO: Europe R-PET price talks mixed for August, flake may have bottomed


NSW waste levy hurting job prospects. Cost of disposing residuals from recycling white goods & cars means more contaminated baled scrap exported & less recycled feedstock for local steel makers. @trevorevansmp @sussanley @mattKean @nswcircular @ACOR11

NSW waste levy hurting job prospects - Inside Waste

A senior industry executive has called for a zero NSW waste levy on the scrap metal sector to boost jobs.